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Proudly presented by ComfortGroom, the Luxe Electric Lift Tub is our most user-friendly tub and essential for all the finest groomers.

Ultra Luxe Electric Lift Tub

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As part of our new line of electric grooming tubs, ComfortGroom is excited to introduce our superior Ultra Luxe Electric Lift Tub. Constructed from ultra-thick 2.4 mm, medical-grade 304 stainless steel, this heavy duty tub has a fantastic height adjustment range and a 150 lbs weight capacity. The fully welded tub is height-adjustable using an electric lifting base with a hands-free foot remote. The tub also features a front-hinge opening to allow easy-access for pets. A puppy booster and stainless steel hair strainer are included.

Download PDF User Manual: CLICK HERE

  • Tub is made with 2.4 mm, ultra-thick stainless steel
  • Electric lifting base with attached foot remote
  • Fully welded tub
  • Opens from the front
  • Stainless steel hair strainer, puppy booster, and splash panels included
  • 1 year warranty on electric base
  • Lifetime structural warranty

  • Pet fixture rings
  • Puppy booster
  • Plastic tub floor mat
  • Hair strainer
  • Drain head
  • Screws and harness
  • Drain pipe
  • Shampoo rack
  • Stainless steel shampoo bucket
  • Splash panels
  • Silicone glue sealant gun

  • Made with 2.4 mm thick, medical-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Height adjustable from 20" to 47"
  • Inside dimensions: 22.67 x 47.08 inches
  • Weight capacity: 150lbs
  • Can be used with most faucets (4" in between hot & cold taps)

Care Instructions:
Make sure tub is clean and dry after use. Tub can be cleaned with warm water, mild soap, or a stainless steel-approved cleaner. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners, or tools with metal or textured parts, as these can scratch or damage the tub.

Disclaimer - To ensure the highest possible degree of safety for your clients, please do not move animals on and off the tub unless the tub is parallel to the base.

Additional Information
Base Weight (lbs)  81.5
Tub Weight (lbs)  116.80
Base Shipping Dimensions  50.8" x 27" x 9.8"
Tub Shipping Dimensions  48.6" x 25" x 34"

(Shipping Weight: 198.3lbs)

by Kevin Carr

I was prepared to do more work when I received this tub, but was very surprised when this was tub was completely assembled. The plywood crate that it came in was shipped in had a lot to be desired and had broken - the tub was missing a couple of the foot pads. The electric connection is a little bit of a pain. There is a 6 inch connector cord at the motor that you plug the power supply into. Yo have to tip the tub to plug it in, but if you have it backed into your spot and it is all the way down, that is a major hassle. You get over it though with dexterity.. The picture shows the peddles to the right and the drain to the right, but it came with the peddles in the middle and the drain to the left. The faucet connection has 5.8 inch centers (something metric) you have to shop for the faucet to accomodate. The holes they have drilled are a little small for English pipes(1/2" npt) and I had to drill out the holes to fit my faucet. The drain line comes with a 1-3/16" ID hose - it drained r