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ComfortGroom’s Furbo Pet Dryer Wall Mount works exclusively with, and facilitates diverse mounting of, the Furbo Pet Dryer. Enjoy countless mounting solutions such as counter tops, wall mounting, or underneath your table work station – ensuring instant accessibility without the clutter. What’s more, installation is easy and requires minimal work and effort. Install any number of wall mounts for greater pet dryer usability and portability.

Furbo Pet Dryer Wall Mount

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  • Durable metal construction with high tensile strength
  • Seamless and easy installation
  • Wall-mounting capability
  • Low-profile, discrete design
  • 2-year warranty
Additional Information
Product Weight (lbs)   TBD
Shipping Dimensions   TBD
Product Dimensions   7"h x 6 1/4"w
Metal Wall Mount
4 Plastic Wall Anchors
4 Phillips Screws

1. Find a flat, smooth wall space with enough room and depth for the wall mount and Furbo
2. The wall mount should be installed horizontally with the rubber-covered arm facing to the right
3. Holding the wall mount in its desired location, mark insertion points on the wall that correspond to the 4 screw holes on the wall     mount
4. Preferably with a drill motor, drill 4 holes into the wall that are slightly smaller than the plastic wall anchors
5. Gently tap each plastic anchor into the 4 drill holes, being conscious not to apply too much force so to prevent damaging or     bending the wall anchors
4. Align the wall mount against the designated wall space, so that the 4 screw holes on the wall mount align with the plastic wall     anchors
6. Carefully screw the 4 screws into the anchors to secure the mount to the wall.

(Shipping Weight: 3lbs)