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The patent pending ComfortGroom Groomer's Chair is the most ergonomic chair developed specifically for the comfort of the groomer. Chiropractor designed and approved, the Groomer's Chair helps reduce stress and promote the well-being of the practitioner. Say goodbye to strained lower backs and numb legs, and hello to comfort!

The Groomer's Chair (Black)

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The Groomer's Chair (Patent pending)

ContourFit™ Seat Cushion: High density seat cushion contoured to provide even weight distribution to your lower body.

ContourFit™ Lumbar Cushion: High density lumbar cushion contoured to the shape of your lumbar to provide even support for your lower back
SpringSupport™ Lumbar Mechanism: Spring mechanism connected to lumbar cushion that will adjust to fit each individual's lower back shape
Seat Tilt Adjustment: Adjusts to provide ergonomic support for your lower body
Lumbar Height and Tilt Adjustment: Forward lumbar tilt is especially useful for providing support for forward leaning positions
Adjustable Circular Foot Rest: Provides leg support for higher operating heights
Pneumatic Lift: Height adjusts from 19" to 24"
Heavy Duty Chrome Wheel Base
v 5 High Capacity Casters
250 lbs. maximum weight capacity


(Shipping Weight: 37lbs)